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360-degree feeedback

Introduction to Rating Scales

  By using the emoticons listed above, to what extent do you agree with the statements listed below? There are a variety of rating scales that

critical thinking feedback

Common 360 feedback criticism

Like any feedback system, 360-degree feedback has some potential downsides The most significant problems of 360-degree feedback arise from effective implementation. Specifically, how to constructively take

united nations

United Nations chooses Vision Metrics

Vision Metrics is privileged to welcome another valued customer to our top-rated 360-degree feedback platform. We look forward to working with some of the UN sub


Major version 8.0 released for general availability

We are very pleased and excited to announce the major release of version 8.0 of the ever popular Vision Metrics cloud-based HR performance analytics platform. Many of the new feature releases have come out of preview and are now generally available.

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