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Major version 8.0 released for general availability

Automated reminder schedule plans

Now you no longer  need to send reminders manually and keep track of campaigns. When publishing a survey campaign, you can choose a reminder plan so the system takes care of the rest. Reminders have been moved to a complete newly designed calendar tracking interface.

There are three reminder plans to choose from. They differ in the intensity of reminders sent out to users not having completed their reviews. Reminders will only still be sent to users needing to complete surveys according to your workflow policy.

Applies to all

Shows survey start/end and reminder schedules.

Real-Time 360 Degree Feedback scoring

No longer wait to see results at an end of a survey campaign. View real-time tracking of summarized scores of each reported subject.
Logging-in and resetting passwords significantly improved and simple.

Applies to 360 Degree Feedback | 180 Degree Feedback

Live summarized feedback data shows colored status

Sign in and password recovery simplified.

Invite and reminder email messages now only uses one credential tag <% ACTIVATE %>. The username and password tags are now deprecated. This provides for a better flow of login management. We’ve also added better error notifications when signing in does not work.  If you are a current customer, an automated process has cleared out the old username and password tags for you. You may have to tweak some of the formatting but all transitions proceed gracefully.

Vision Metrics new sign in screen

Expanded 360 Degree Feedback workflows

Set minimum / maximum review policies on request and nominating workflows. You can also now set rights on feedback nominations per survey campaign. Simply put, you can allow subjects to request from anyone on your list, within your database account or allow them to request feedback from external users. Naturally we’ll always keep our ‘fixed-mode’ available where you can continue to limit feedback based on your workflow policy.

Nomination modes also now allow users to correct erroneously assigned job roles.

Applies to 360 Degree Feedback | 180 Degree Feedback

Get inspired and choose from hundreds of sample questions in the online database.

More than a thousand sample questions over 50 competency categories to choose from.

Applies to all

Shows categories and question selection popup screen

Feedback data saved

Questions are now saved per category section making it easier for users to return at a later time of their choosing. This no longer requires users to complete in one session.

Applies to all

Customize & improved 360 feedback report layouts

Change styling like gauge types. Reporting graphics have been improved in clarity to deliver crisp and clear charts. We’ll be adding per page control shortly.

Applies to all

Sample gauge styles to choose from

Sample pages of a 360 Degree Feedback report

Change job roles

Change job roles within a survey campaign settings. You no longer need to go back and forth between database and survey properties.
Applies to 360 Degree Feedback | 180 Degree Feedback
A person’s feedback attributes can be managed in one overview.


Automated email notifications on feedback reminders, survey closing dates and more will keep you informed on your campaigns and their performance. Never miss a beat.

Applies to all

Import/Update users via database improved

– System will detect faulty configured emails and corrects them where it can.
– System can update entire teams and their managers in relationships role replacements. This is essentially convenient when launching survey campaigns in fixed-mode where you would want to get a one-stop bulk replacement of outdated relationships.
– Easily bulk deactivate users with copy/paste email lists.

Applies to 360 Degree Feedback | 180 Degree Feedback

Employee engagement, organizational culture monitor surveys

– Now includes department separation analysis in reports by default.

Applies to Employee engagement / satisfaction surveys

Improved daily survey tracking charts

– Crisper and detailed tracking of daily feedback participation numbers.

Shows per day participation rates on feedback


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