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What is a 360 Degree Feedback Survey?

Empowering People Development through actionable multi-source feedback

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Empower people growth through 360-degree feedback surveys

360-degree feedback is a thorough employee review that looks at strengths and areas to improve, using input from close colleagues and others. This inclusive and anonymous evaluation is often seen as more insightful than a traditional review by a manager.

Along with feedback from others, employees also do a self-evaluation, answering the same questions. This gives a full picture, leading to a report showing where there are gaps and ideally a plan for improvement. These reports help individuals grow and track company goals.

Success with 360-degree feedback depends on doing it right and having a clear follow-up plan. With these in place, organizations can make the most of the process.

Alternative terms for 360 feedback assessments

Who conducts the feedback?

In a 360-degree feedback survey, people who regularly interact with the employee, like managers, coworkers, or customers, are asked to join. They get a link to fill out the survey online. Also, the person being evaluated gets a link for self-assessment, answering the same questions.

Involving more people gives a broader and fairer view in the feedback. This approach considers different opinions, giving a complete picture of the employee’s performance and where they can improve. The survey lets everyone weigh in, leading to a better understanding of the employee’s strengths and areas for growth.

How does a 360 self-evaluation work?

As part of the 360-degree feedback process, employees get to assess themselves using the same questions as others. This self-assessment helps spot how they see themselves and any skill gaps they might have.

Reflecting on themselves helps employees understand their strengths and where they can do better. It’s a starting point for learning and growth, giving them control over their development. This self-assessment lays the groundwork for personal improvement plans and boosts the chance for self-improvement. Encouraging self-reflection leads to a better way of developing employees through 360-degree feedback.

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What types of questions does a 360 degree feedback survey measure?

Reasons for using 360 degree feedback?
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Why outsource a 360 feedback survey?

Experience the benefits of cloud-based feedback, which provides instant data and analysis with just a click. By using the cloud, feedback becomes paperless, ensuring anonymity and accurate responses. It’s easy to set up, scalable, and works anywhere.

What do the results of a 360 degree feedback survey look like?

Normally, the person being reviewed gets a 360-degree feedback report, often in PDF form. It includes visuals like charts, showing how their peers’ feedback compares to their own self-assessment. These visuals make it easier to understand the feedback, helping the person see where they’re doing well and where they can improve.

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Learn more about 360 degree feedback?

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