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Key 360 feedback survey features

  • Manage & deploy 360 surveys from browser

  • Powerful appraisal reporting

  • Flexible workflows

  • Automate emails & reminders

  • Secure

  • Use library questions or your own

  • Personal support

  • Awesome charts

    What is 360 degree feedback?

    360 degree feedback is a data driven evaluation method that gathers valuable perspectives on an employee’s performance strengths and areas for improvement from various sources, such as peers, subordinates, managers, and even customers.

    By utilizing Vision Metrics, the implementation of employee feedback surveys and the generation of insightful reports becomes highly beneficial. Incorporating a 360 degree feedback process enhances the learning and development journey while also promoting employee retention.

    360 feedback reports

    User-friendly online employee survey interface

    • Visually assisted rating scales and progress counters make the employee experience a zero learning curve experience. 
    • Collect feedback from multiple sources i.e. peers, managers, direct reports or even customers.
    • Looking for inspiration? With Vision Metrics 360, you can tap into a vast database of over 1000 competencies and categories, providing you with a wide range of options to choose from. 
    • By leveraging this comprehensive resource, you can enhance your retention rates and make a significant impact on your overall business success.
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    Enterprise grade 360 degree feedback solution for any company size

    •  Get results with confidence by using enterprise grade security including encryption SSL and more. 
    •  Make use of our scalable cloud solution to benefit from the latest technologies. 
    360 feedback analytics

    360 Degree Feedback Survey Software

    Looking to develop your talent base and bridge the skills gap? Look no further than Vision Metrics, an online software solution. With this user-friendly tool, you can easily conduct employee 360 feedback surveys directly in your browser. By addressing individual challenges and utilizing the right follow-up actions provided by the software, you can effectively boost your business impact. Empower your workforce and optimize their skills with Vision Metrics.

    empower employees

    Supercharge employee development with our feedback frameworks. Encourage employee ownership of the 360 feedback process to lighten HR workloads. Elevate growth at all levels of your organization.

    flexiblilty you control

    Effortlessly scale your 360-degree feedback assessment projects using our intuitive workflows and reporting modules. Our platform allows you to design and customize your surveys, forms, branding, and rating scales to perfectly align with your specific requirements. Achieve a seamless and tailored feedback experience that reflects your unique organizational needs.

    easy to use interface

    Unlock the potential of cloud-based management for your 360-degree feedback and other feedback projects, such as employee engagement surveys, with just a click of a secure link. Seamlessly leverage the power of the cloud to streamline and oversee your feedback initiatives. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of managing your projects online, ensuring efficient collaboration and data accessibility from anywhere, anytime.

    Meaningful reports

    Discover one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly reporting modules available. Experience the clarity and coherence of our reporting system first-hand by downloading samples today. Take control of your feedback analysis and decision-making with a tool that delivers transparent and actionable insights. Try it out and decide for yourself how our reporting module can enhance your feedback process.

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