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Upward Feedback Performance Appraisals

180 Degree Upward Feedback Performance Reviews for Leadership Level Employees

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Key Upward Leadership Feedback Features

  • Manage & Deploy projects from browser

  • Clear PDF reporitng

  • Flexible workflows

  • Automate Emails

  • Automate Reminders

  • Use Question Library or your own

  • Personal support

  • Awesome charts

    What is 180 upward feedback?

    A 180 upward feedback enables respondents to provide feedback on typically leadership roles. The entire respondent rating group is meshed into one source of feedback as opposed to differentiated respondent groups typically found in a 360 degree feedback survey. In addition upward feedback subjects (persons being reviewed) do not complete a self-evaluation. The upward feedback workflow also provides key data driven insights on performance strengths and key areas of development. 

    360 degree feedback reports
    Sample 360 feedback report shown

    Leadership Performance done right

    Use a versatile module to generate simple upward feedback surveyed projects and reports.

    Facilitate anonymous feedback from teams, departments or an entire organization. 

    custom survey forms

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    Credits expire after 12 months.

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