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Why Measuring Organizational Performance Contributes to Success Factors

Each organization may have its own reason why to measure performance. Human behavior is ultimately not an exact science but still we constantly try to put things into context so that we can improve what we do. Not taking organizational development serious leaves a less chance of employee retention costing your organization up to 2-3 times the hiring costs.

Our research indicates that measuring instruments discussed in the organizational performance and development section make the obscure more tangible. Having the tools to identify performance gaps and performance strengths gives your organization and employees clarity and allows you to address issues in a structured manner. Perhaps most importantly, results prompt discussion within your organization, business unit or team which cultivates a self-helping culture.

To a large extent the discussion component is self-helping. When done right, they all produce discussion and metrics that are conducive to improving productivity and performance.

Opening the window for personal development and organizational growth will produce a very real advantage and cost savings by embracing a structured basis to further excel your workforce.



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