Press – Raising the Bar for web/tablet enabled Online 360 Feedback and HR Analytics Cloud Software

With continued support and feedback from our clients, Vision Metrics has released VM7, which places greater focus on user experience, optimization and greater freedom of device usage for HR professionals. HR professionals are set to experience a more efficient and cleaner design of this highly anticipated SaaS release.

The VM7 release is also set to allow for a new foundation of services to come. Director Ference Liszkay explains, “As we approach and implement these new paradigms of productivity we are raising the bar on ourselves by aiming to fully service our clients through their need of workflow independence.  With VM7 we are one significant step further in accommodating this need. This new approach of thinking about our product does not limit us to just deliver scalability, but equally important, design and workflow flexibility.  VM7 has laid down a new foundation for exciting new services to come in the very near future.“

With VM7 and the already well received 360 feedback platform, Vision Metrics hopes to extend its service feature base across greater talent performance tracking and feedback tools.

Vision Metrics is an HR analytics data collection and talent performance metrics firm specialized in cloud applications for small to enterprise organizations worldwide. With a global reach, Vision Metrics has built a SaaS platform that continues to evolve with feedback from its customer base. Core solutions offered include, online 360 Degree Feedback surveys, 180 employee and management performance metrics, employee engagement and organizational culture/values monitor. Vision Metrics operates in more than 4 continents and offers its services in almost any language required.



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