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Press – Vision Metrics Unveils VM7: Elevating User Experience and Flexibility for HR Professionals

Amsterdam, Mar 2017 – Vision Metrics is proud to announce the launch of VM7, its latest SaaS offering that significantly enhances user experience, optimization, and device usage flexibility for HR professionals. Building on valuable client feedback, VM7 promises a more efficient and streamlined design, setting a new standard in HR technology.

VM7 is not just an upgrade; it lays a new foundation for future services. Director Ference Liszkay emphasizes, “With VM7, we are setting higher standards for ourselves, aiming to meet our clients’ needs for workflow independence. This release is a significant step toward offering unparalleled workflow flexibility and scalability. The innovative design of VM7 paves the way for exciting new services that we will introduce in the near future.”

Alongside VM7, Vision Metrics continues to enhance its acclaimed 360 feedback platform, aiming to expand service features to include comprehensive talent performance tracking and advanced feedback tools.

About Vision Metrics

Vision Metrics is a global leader in HR analytics, specializing in cloud-based data collection and talent performance metrics for organizations ranging from small businesses to enterprises. Our SaaS platform is continually evolving, driven by customer feedback to better serve our clients worldwide. Our core solutions include 360 Degree Feedback surveys, employee and management performance metrics, employee engagement, and organizational culture/values monitoring. Operating on more than four continents and offering services in nearly any language, Vision Metrics is committed to helping organizations achieve their HR goals with innovative and effective solutions.

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