Managing Leadership Performance Tools

Embracing leadership within your organization is a multifaceted challenge. How to go about identifying and harnessing leadership? Investing in this aspect of your talent pool sustains company growth as only the right talent will deliver the required vision, innovation and skill.

Collecting data on these specific competencies can be a valued asset to any organization in a growth, transformation, or change management phase. Playing an important role in scoping your talent and making the results transparent and actionable is when things start getting interesting.

Management Leadership Performance Feedback

The main area of interest here is the ability for employees to provide feedback of observable traits for each manager/supervisor. Having an objective vendor providing you with the tools is highly recommended as it instils more trust with respondents.

Best means of implementation: Paper or system based surveying?

It is still amazing how many organizations take the painstakingly task to deploy paper based feedback when the means are easily available to them online. Most often the aversion has to do with trusting a 3rd party to uphold high standards of delivery and reliability, the lack of knowledge or simply not taking the task at hand seriously enough to bring about significant change or value to the organization. If your company has the means (employees have access to email) to conduct feedback Vision Metrics strongly advises to change course if not already done so. Digital based systems will provide you instant analytics and administrative power in handling the often tedious tasks of manually dispersing, collecting and analyzing data.



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