360 Degree Feedback usage metrics

Useful 360 Feedback Insights:

72% of customers use no more than 35 questions per survey.

Insight: Lengthy questions reduce participation and at times accuracy as people rush through the process. The other factor involved here is that people might not give enough attention to the content of the question as they are overwhelmed by the lengthy remainder. Especially when considering 360 type deployments, imagine if one person would be submitting 10 reviews?

Suggestion: Keep it short and concise.

95% use no more than 2 open-ended questions.

Insight: Open-ended questions are good to use as they provide additional personal context. Using too many open-ended questions, however, diminishes the possibility to measure results.

Suggestion: Use open-ended questions with care and be sure to formulate the question concisely to guide the respondent with a response that serves the context.

93% use only one survey form for observable behavior traits in a 360 degree feedback deployment.

Insight: This is an ongoing dilemma. Should I use different question forms for each job description, department level or just one?

Suggestion: Using one allows you to conduct  broad metrics. 360 Degree is ideally used for observable traits, therefore use questions that can apply to all as much as possible.

40% of participation happens in the first 4 days; 28% participate 7 days before closing date.

Insight: Throughout a deployment process, people are eager to start right off the bat and others just before a deadline. This corresponds to the human side of interaction. Uptake in the beginning can be slow if the process is not communicated properly beforehand.

Suggestion: Especially if this is your first time you will find employees need to be convinced of what you are asking them to do. Instill trust and energy by communicating beforehand what you are about to do and also have management weigh in on the communication so that all are on board.  Make sure to use reminders half-way and a week before closing.

95% of customers use reminders

Insight: Reminders are paramount to getting optimal participation. Emails are forgotten the next day or may not have arrived. People may be on vacation or have other priorities at that time.

Suggestion: Pay attention to the participation metrics so that you can clearly follow and act upon timely reminders.

65% of customers choose to communicate about their 360 before an actual 360  deployment.

Insight: Instilling trust and meaningful participation is key. By using your present internal communication tools you can, by far, exceed the potential and participation targets you may have set.

Suggestion: Management buy-in, use internal communication about what is to be expected and what the benefits are. There must be a benefit factor for all stakeholders to get proactively involved.

Vision Metrics will conduct additional research notes to keep you informed about practical and effective deployment. To ensure you receive such notices, please include our domain visionmetrics.net  in your safe list.

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