360 Degree Feedback: A Certain Success

Is 360 degree feedback successful because it compiles comprehensive, trusted data on employee performance? Or is it the communicative environment that pushes employees to be the best version of themselves? Could it be a combination of the two?

Regardless of the success in the data analytics, it could be argued that the increased communication, emphasis on employee-driven statistics and initiative to drive change in the first place could be enough to positively impact employee performance. Below are five reasons why implementing a 360 degree feedback system guarantees to improve the personnel in a workplace.

A Collective Mission

It is a challenge in itself to get all board members together to agree on one set of standards or company values to uphold. Implementing a 360 feedback plan gives all stakeholders an opportunity to agree on this initiative so that every stakeholder can be on the same page and working towards the same vision.

Company-Wide Accountability

Since the executive staff forms these objectives, they can then by stressed by all levels of employment in the organization. This means that the company executives can be expected to work towards the same vision as the lower-level staff members. In other words, 360 will hold everyone accountable to work towards this goal, not just the subordinates.

Supportive Environment

The initiative to deploy 360 degree feedback in the first place shows that a company values the opinions of all employees in an organization. Companies who value their employees can also expect that their employees will take *ownership* in their tasks, resulting in better performance results.

Increased Meeting Times

Face-to-face meetings engage employees and help them to develop inspiration outside of routine tasks, hopefully leading them to ideas that can improve the success of a company. Spending one-on-one time, or communicating in small groups helps to foster stronger relationships, and hopefully an environment where honest feedback is appreciated.

Sustained Awareness

Depending on the schedule of 360-degree feedback, it is helpful for an employee to know that they are being observed constantly. Therefore, giving them the incentive to work hard even when the supervisors are not present, as it is their peers who make up the substance of their review.

 No matter what kind of results that a 360 degree feedback platform will highlight, it is certain to have a positive impact on the culture and personnel in the workplace. This participative management style and collective vision will inspire employees to improve performance and keep them doing their best work.




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